Awesome Admin



  • Responsive design works on phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Custom button colors (doesn't look like the typical, Bootstrap buttons you see everywhere else)
  • Built with Less (though not required)
  • Reporting Template
  • Charts with Flot (large, complex charts)
  • Charts with Peity (small, simple charts)
  • Alternate tab styles
  • Alternate pagination styles
  • Pricing chart
  • Custom gallery with animating layout and lightbox
  • Sign in/Sign up/Forgot password page
  • Mobile navigation
  • Custom FAQ and help page
  • Uses Font Awesome for icons

Custom controls

  • Full calendar
  • Dynamic data tables
  • Color picker
  • Time picker
  • Date picker
  • Country selector
  • States selector
  • Language selector
  • Time zone selector
  • Spinner
  • QR Codes
  • Live rich text editor
  • Alerts
  • Loading icons
  • Isotope advanced layouts (
  • And more!

Includes a static html site, as well as ERB templates and Less files.


1.2 - Upgrade to latest Bootstrap, fixed broken links, fixed some IE8 issues

Additional Details

Version: 1.2
Bootstrap: Compatible with:
  • 2.1.x
  • 2.2.x
  • 2.3.x
Columns: 3
  • Fluid
  • Responsive
  • Firefox 5+
  • Google Chrome 14+
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Opera 11
  • Safari 5
Uses LESS: Yes
Tags: admin, backend, dashboard, fluid, responsive
Item#: WB0663265
Released: 5 months ago

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