Additional Colors/Sizes


185 NEW custom styles! You are bored of the normal Bootstrap colors and styles? No problem - this package contains 185 different element additions. If it's color, size or the navbar - everything is included! Just include the style.css in your page to get access to all these elements.

Feature overview

  • 6 Navbar colors
  • 72 Button colors
  • 9 Button sizes
  • 14 different buttons border-radius
  • 20 Progressbar colors
  • 4 Progressbar sizes
  • 14 different progressbar border-radius
  • 16 Label/Badge colors
  • 4 Label/Badge sizes
  • 6 Alert colors

Don't waste more time customizing Bootstrap for you. Just include ONE file and save time!

Even the .less files of this package are included. You can easily create more and your own custom colors.

Additional Details

Version: 1.0
Bootstrap: Compatible with 2.0.x
Columns: n/a
Layouts: n/a
  • Opera 11
Uses LESS: Yes
Tags: additional, buttons, colors, custom, custom navbar, customized, elements, navbar, sizes, style
Item#: WB03757X3
Released: 10 months ago

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