LandingStrip - Landing Page


LandingStrip is a one-page introduction to your product. Designed to be straight-forward, easy to edit and quick to set-up for immediate use. It works instantly out of the box. Just un-zip it, and put in your screenshots.

  • Open typography: Uses 'Open Sans' and 'Merriweather' fonts from Google Web fonts. Font-size/Line-height appropriate ratios.
  • Responsive layout and tested across web browsers
  • Contains Twitter Bootstrap version 2.1.0 and jQuery version 1.8.0 (minified)
  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel javascript component for the section that may contain your screenshots, use cases or testominals.
  • Plug-and-play: LandingStrip's CSS is in a different file to allow easy editing, or for usage along other versions of Bootstrap
  • HTML5: Classes can be used with HTML5 tags (i.e. header, section and article)

Important Note: does not contain iPhone and iPad PSD templates.

Additional Details

Version: 1.0
Bootstrap: Compatible with:
  • 2.0.x
  • 2.1.x
Columns: 1
  • Fixed-width
  • Responsive
  • Firefox 5+
  • Google Chrome 14+
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Opera 11
  • Safari 5
Uses LESS: No
Tags: app, business, ipad, iphone, landing page, saas, single page, software
Item#: WB03N894J
Released: 8 months ago

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