Clgt Tube


Clgt Tube is a professional media template designed entirely using Bootstrap. It was simple and flexible for use in any media template such as

  • Music Site.
  • Video Site.
  • Youtube clone Site.
  • Film Site.
  • or any whatever site about multimedia.

Not only this and that, plus it also have a nice collection of buttons. You will love it for sure.

And for anyone love to blog, Clgt Tube has a bloging template with, guess what? a super awesome comment just look like facebook. (Do you khow facebook ? ops nevermind )

I can only saying you will get all the things you need with this template, and it's just work fine !

It's up to you to decide.

Additional Details

Version: 1.0
Bootstrap: Compatible with 2.0.x
Columns: 2
  • Fluid
  • Opera 11
Uses LESS: No
Tags: clgt, film, media, multimedia, music, video
Item#: WB082S4MT
Released: 11 months ago

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